Extra Heavy Duty - CX

The Extra Heavy Duty Conventional - CX range uses calcium-calcium technology to generate more power, requiring less maintenance, and lasts longer than any other conventional battery.

  • More Power  The CX range generates up to 8% more cold cranking amperage than the Extra Heavy Duty Conventional making it ideal for modern high compression machines requiring more starting power.
  • Lower Maintenance  The CX calcium-calcium technology also reduces water loss, so the CX type requires lower maintenance (water filling) only about one eighth as often as conventional lead-antimony types.
  • Longer Life  The CX type holds its charge more than three times as long as conventional lead-antimony type batteries resulting in longer storage or stand by mode. This feature means longer periods between charges, especially during winter month.

All sizes come complete with acid

Extra Heavy Duty Conventional - CX Batteries
Part NumberVoltsCCAAH (20hr)DimensionsTerminal AssemblyTerminal TypeWeight (kg)Acid Volume (ltr)Regular
CB16-B-CX 12 300 19 176 101 156 6.3 1.2 1.9 
CB16-HL-A-CX 12 290 19 176 101 156 6.3 1.2 1.9 
C50N18L-A-CX 12 330 20 207 91 164 7.5 1.5